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Preparing for Your X-ray at GLMI: Tips for a Smooth Experience

Published September 13th, 2023 by Great Lakes Medical Imaging

An X-ray is a common diagnostic procedure that uses controlled amounts of radiation to visualize the internal structures of the body. If you've been scheduled for an X-ray at Great Lakes Medical Imaging (GLMI), you might have questions about the process and how you can prepare. Rest assured, we're here to help! Follow these tips to ensure a smooth and efficient X-ray experience.

1. Understand the Purpose

Before your X-ray, it's essential to understand why your doctor recommended it. Whether it's to investigate bone fractures, examine the lungs, or for another reason, a clear understanding can ease any anxieties you might have.

2. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Depending on the area being examined, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown. It's best to avoid clothing with metal zippers, buttons, or underwire bras, as metal can interfere with the clarity of the X-ray images.

3. Leave Jewelry and Accessories at Home

Metal objects, including jewelry, glasses, and piercings, can disrupt the X-ray image. It's best to leave them at home or be prepared to remove them before the procedure.

4. Discuss Prior Medical History and Medications

Inform the radiologic technologist about any recent surgeries, potential pregnancies, or the possibility of an implanted medical device like a pacemaker. Additionally, provide a list of current medications, as some can interact with imaging agents if they are used.

5. Ask About Contrast Agents

For certain X-rays, a contrast medium might be used to improve the image's clarity. If a contrast agent is part of your procedure, discuss any allergies or previous reactions to contrast materials with your doctor.

6. Stay Calm and Follow Instructions

The process is painless and relatively quick. During the procedure, the radiologic technologist will guide you into various positions to obtain the needed images. Stay calm, and follow their instructions closely. Holding still is crucial for clear pictures.

7. Plan for Aftercare

Most X-rays require no recovery time, and you can resume regular activities immediately. However, if a contrast agent was used, you might be advised to increase your fluid intake to help flush it out of your system.

8. Expect Quick Results

Thanks to modern technology, X-ray results are processed swiftly. Your doctor will review them and discuss the findings with you. At GLMI, we prioritize efficient communication to ensure you're informed promptly.

In Conclusion

An X-ray is a routine procedure, and with a bit of preparation, it can be a hassle-free experience. At Great Lakes Medical Imaging, we're committed to providing top-tier patient care, ensuring you're comfortable and informed every step of the way.

If you have further questions or need more information on preparing for your X-ray, please reach out to us through our contact page.

Disclaimer: This blog article is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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