Low Dose CT Scan

Low Dose CT (Computed Tomography)

All 5 of our locations provide quality, low dose CT (Computed Tomography) imaging by our certified and highly trained CT technologists.

Low Dose CT Scan

Low Dose CT Scan

CT is a non-invasive, painless medical procedure that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. Using our low dose technology and our American College of Radiology (ACR) protocols, our board certified radiologists can diagnose various types of pathology and disease; such as cysts, tumors, malignancies, fractured bones, as well as bowel and renal obstructions.


  • Notify a technologist if there is a chance you are pregnant
  • Let us know of any allergies
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing without any metal
  • For studies requiring contrast, we encourage plenty of water prior to the exam


  • Eat or drink (with the exception of water) 2 hours prior to exam
  • Wear clothing containing metal
  • Wear jewelry

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