Breast Care Risk Assessment & Genetic Testing Program

Breast Care Risk Assessment & Genetic Testing Program

Breast Care Risk Assessment & Genetic Testing Program

If you are interested in risk assessment and testing:

1. Contact our Williamsville office at 716-836-4646 to make an appointment.

2. Download and complete the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Form

3. Bring completed form with you to your appointment

Great Lakes Medical Imaging Breast Center Introduces Area’s Only Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing Program for Medical Imaging Patients

Why one person develops cancer and another doesn’t isn’t always known. But research has shown that certain risk factors may increase a person’s chances for developing cancer. Some of the risk factors can be controlled; like exposure to certain chemicals or behaviors such as tobacco use. Other factors are beyond our control, like our age, our personal history and our family history.

In an effort to help individuals and healthcare professionals evaluate risk, make more informed decisions and take a personalized, proactive approach to patient care, Great Lakes Medical Imaging is introducing the Screening and Risk Assessment Program.

Knowledge is power, and knowing your own story is half the battle,” said Jason Pericak, MD, Great Lakes Medical Imaging Director of Breast Care Center. “This program is designed to clinically stratify risk, screening modalities and screening intervals to best match a patient’s personal risk. Additionally, this approach will ultimately further assist in radiologic interpretation and patient care.”

Initially, female patients will be introduced to the program at Great Lakes at the time of their annual mammogram. Cancer risk questions have been revised to meet current medical society recommendations and will be collected to get the information needed to discuss cancer risk and determine if there are any red flags in the personal or family health history.

Red flags may include:

  • Multiple cancers on the same side of the family
  • Any one cancer (Breast, Colon or Endometrial) diagnosed at age 50 or younger
  • Rare cancer such as ovarian or male breast cancer at any age

Patients that might fall into the red flag category will then meet with the Breast Center Director, Jason Pericak, to discuss their risk including the benefits and limitations of hereditary cancer testing along with screening and prevention strategies.

The objective of the Great Lakes Medical Imaging Healthcare Screening and Risk Assessment Program is to empower, educate and provide resources to our community that improves patient care and patient outcomes.

Download the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Form

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